Learning Log: 2023

My focus this year was meant to be SQL & Python, but it ended up being mostly JavaScript, and then I got a bit distracted by GenAI.

2023 goals

I'm disappointed with my progress this year. It was meant to be the year I finally learnt SQL, but about halfway through the year I changed my working hours (I now officially start at 7am), and the hour I used to spend each morning learning new skills was no longer available to me.

Generative AI also affected my learning this year, in two ways:

  1. I needed to learn about how GenAI works, and had to brush-up on my "prompt-engineering", specifically for some work projects (I'm sure I'm not alone in this!).
  2. My subscription to GitHub Copilot (in VSCode) changed the way I was learning to code. Essentially providing me with a "learning assistant".

I'm almost at the end of my JavaScript course (on Mimo), so once this is complete, I'll then switch to SQL and Python. My aim is to have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and Python by the end of 2024.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

web.dev: Learn Images
web.dev: Learn HTML
JavaScript for web designers
Mimo: JavaScript

Data visualisation

HDX: Data Visualization Guidelines
Pencil & Paper: Data Table Design UX Patterns
Datawrapper: Data Viz Do's and Don'ts


Mendhak: Hands on introduction to LLM programming for developers
Google: Generative AI learning path


Understanding SVG paths