Learning log: 2022

My focus this year was on the display of unstructured data i.e. articles. So that meant a deep dive into typography, and the redesign and rebuild of this website.

2022 goals

My primary learning goal for 2022 was to gain a deeper understanding of the online presentation of unstructured content.

In addition to understanding the basics, I also wanted to be able to put what I had learnt into practice. This required the continuation of my deep dive into HTML & CSS, and a total redesign and rebuild of this website—with a focus on typography and speed.

In addition to my primary goal, I also made a start on the understanding, querying, and manipulation of structured data, as this will be my focus for 2023.

Below is a list of the resources I used during 2022 to help me achieve my learning goals.



Practical Typography
The Elements of Typographic Style
Better Web Type
Combining typefaces
Google’s ‘Font Knowledge’


The Odin Project (HTML & CSS parts complete)
Interneting is hard!
An Interactive Guide to Flexbox

Data visualisation

Better Data Visualizations
Cartographies of time


Figma Web Design Tutorial
GitHub Skills
UX writing guide

Understanding, querying, and exploring data (2023 goals)

LinkedIn's ‘Become a data analyst’
W3School's ‘SQL tutorial’
DBeaver User Manual
PL-300: Power BI Data Analyst