A black and white selfie taken in my lounge, in the background are my kids, both playing with nurf guns.

My name’s Mark Evans, I live in South East England and work as a Principal Product Manager for a data & analytics company.

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A Product Manager's job is to discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible.

Principal Product Manager: Product leaders who have the highest seniority and experience on an individual contributor track. The role of Principal Product Managers revolves around hands-on product management and the fundamentals of business products and strategy. They have the responsibility of handling the most complex and critical aspects of product vision and strategy. Unlike positions on other long-term career tracks of product management, they do not manage other product managers or product teams.

In the beginning…

OnlyRSS started out as an RSS feed—with no associated website (hence the domain name). The articles only existed in the feed, and they could only be accessed via RSS readers such as Feedly and Inoreader.


As I became increasingly interested in typography I decided to be a little more traditional and actually make my articles visible on a website. At that point, OnlyRSS became my reason to learn HTML & CSS…and maybe some JavaScript.

OnlyRSS is all hand-made, there’s no CMS, no frameworks, no static site generator etc. even the RSS feed is updated by hand. It’s been built to be as lean and fast as possible—the median webpage's transfer size is 2.8 MB (as of Nov 2022). The median webpage transfer size on this site is 0.3 MB i.e. almost 10 times smaller.

What about the RSS feed?

The RSS feed will continue, and will always contain the full article, so you never have to visit OnlyRSS to read an article. In addition, the RSS feed will sometimes contain articles that are not published to this site, i.e. there will still be some articles that only exist in the RSS feed.

Where's your Cookie/Privacy policy?

There's no cookie policy because there are no cookies—and no site-analytics! The success of OnlyRSS is measured by an increase in my knowledge of HTML & CSS, and not by the number of page views (luckily!).


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